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Dodgeball Tournament

Class 4 travelled to the Lord Butler Centre to participate in a dodgeball competition this morning. They all played well and displayed exemplary manners and politeness towards officials – Well done Class 4- Should any children be interested in playing Dodgeball out of school there are details below.  

Spring Hats

The School Council have organised a number of events this week for the children in the school. After our Easter egg hunt on Tuesday, we were greeted this morning by a huge number of children wearing their home-made Spring Bonnets. Many thanks to all the children and parents for designing these magnificent creations!  


Monday We got hot chocolate and the boys slept upstairs in single beds instead of sleeping in bunk beds like everybody else. The first night we didn’t sleep that well because we were messing around and getting used to our beds. We were jumping on our beds and Jacob broke Thomas’s bed by one of […]


Alymerton DAY 1 We got on the coach and I was sitting at the back with 4 other people; Megan, Lara, Angela and Ella. It was so boring but to pass THE 2 HOURS luckily Lara brought along Dog Top Trumps. Finally we got to Patterson Lodge, which was where we were staying, it is […]

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