Aylmerton   by Luke Herd


When Class 4 went to Aylmerton we had a day called pirate day. It was where we had to do some tasks. The first obstacle course was the boat rescue. My group and I did the boat rescue where we had to build a zip line across to the safe boat. When we made the zip line I was the person who had to go first to make sure that it was safe for everyone to get across to the other side safely. The zip line worked so everyone could get across safely and not fall in the shark infested water.  Next, we headed back in for lunch. Lunch was a chocolate bar, a sandwich, a piece of fruit, a juice carton and a packet of crisps. Then we headed back out to the high ropes. What we had to do was we had a harness on us, then all the hooks to ropes, then we had to walk across to the other side. Next, we had to head back in because the next course was inside; it was where we had to get hold of a rope and swing on to an island, which was a rug and we had to try and get everyone onto the rug and not fall off. Evie had to be the hostage on the island; the rug got smaller and smaller every time we completed one. We completed all 5 rugs. Then we had to do rock climbing on the wall; there was a challenge where we had to not use the white and yellow or the blue; the only one which you could use was the black and there weren’t so many black ones. If we fell, we would be a fish in the sea.