We went to Blakeney Point on Thursday to see the seals and walk on the mud flats. We got onto a ferry to look at the seals. There was one pup who was very cute and all the adults were extremely large and were sunbathing on the shore! Elf (our instructor) started explaining what type of birds live there.

Elf was extremely funny and friendly along with Bo-peep and Sonic, who instructed us all week.

After we got off the ferry, we were a little chilly but straight away we got walking along the dunes. We had to tread carefully because the sand dunes were a nesting place for oyster catchers, and we actually found a nest that had three eggs in it. But we had to move on quickly because the mother was getting anxious.

The 5 or 6 hour walk was tiring but worth it in the end, because we got to walk on the mud flats! It was sticky on our bare feet and we walked in water knee deep which was extremely cold.

When we were near the end of the mud flats, we went cockling and had a competition to see who could get the most. Cockling is where you dig your hands into the mud and find two shells stuck together with a creature inside. Rubi got the most cockles; she got twelve!

After that we walked to the coach and cleaned our feet with dirty socks. We then got on the coach and went back to Patterson Lodge.

It was the best day ever and to top it off we went to the disco, where we danced for an hour and became very sweaty! Then we washed our dirty feet and went to bed very quickly because we were so tired.

This was the best day and it was great fun.


By  Evie Menzies- Moss and  Isla Mclaughlin.