On Monday the 9th October KS2 y5 and y6    departed on a long coach ride to Patterson Lodge in Norfolk. When we finally arrived we were put into our rooms and then we had half an hour to settle in. We got back on the coach to Sea-Palling. We had an ice cream in Sea-Palling. Then we went down to the beach and played on it; me and my friends, Harry Elliot and Alfred, tried to build a sand sea defence but the Norfolk  waves were too strong for our sand and stones.


In the morning we went den building at the Aylmerton Field Study

The teachers gave the den a water tight test and we didn’t get wet that much. After that we went rock pooling with Elf Big Foot. (Alymerton worker) In the evening we went bowling. At the end I was the third best in class and my friend Harry came sixth.



On Wednesday we went on a long walk to West Runton.  We also went on a boat trip around a peninsula with lots of seals on. After that our boat landed at the shingle beach called Blakeney Point. On the long walk I found a fossilised clam shell and Harry found a fossilised seal rib bone. We then arrived at the old RNLI lifeboat station. Next we went to the sand dunes and had lunch then went down to the shingle habitat. We went to the marshland and got VERY, VERY muddy.


On Thursday it was pirate day and we went to the actual Aylmerton field study centre. our leaders were Bo Peep, Big foot and Elf. They showed us all the activities such as the high ropes (although they weren’t very high). There were also other activities such as a plank game that you had to use your team’s bodyweight to get to other side and one where your ship was sinking and your team built a zip line to get across the water to a safe ship. After this we had a disco in the evening.


On Friday morning we packed all our things and had breakfast then we had an animal display. My favourite animal was the hedgehog. After that we had the long coach drive home.


Written by Thomas and my friend Harry.