Ashdon Primary School went on a residential trip to Aylmerton and we stayed in Patterson Lodge for 4 nights. We did, and enjoyed, many different activities such as to go see the seals and saw the sand dunes and much more!!

Pirate Day

We got up early so we could get on the bus to go to Pirate Day. In the morning we played some activities such as: counting the objects, the senses game, we had to follow a blue rope and the hearing game where you had to stop the other catchers getting the keys. You had to guess where the person with the blindfold has to point where they think the person is.


We went on a boat to get to the other side of the peninsula, then we saw the seals which were all sitting on a little part of Blakeney Point. Then we went to go to see the sand dunes and birds fly by.

While we were wandering we found some fossils of different types of animals. We found spines and a few more. I was extremely fascinated by the view and the area around.


On the final day in the morning we had an special visit by a man who looked after animals. He brought in, first a raven, then the barn owl, the bearded dragon and the corn and black Mexican king snakes.

By Callum, Jacob and Owen.