We all thought the same thing, our holiday is going too quickly!

In the morning we got up and had our breakfast, then we set off to see the seals.

We had to wear safety jackets and waited on the boat for ages; eventually we set off to the sea. All the seals were swimming around our boat and some were laying on the sand. After that we set off for the mud walk; three people fell over in the mud.


We set off for a day of being pirates. We arrived at a different lodge to start our day off. First we got into groups and we did a treasure hunt. Esmeralda  and Millie were in the same group and at the end we found the magical box, it was full of chocolate coins. Millie doesn’t like chocolate so she got a lolly pop. In the afternoon we got our face painted as……… PIRATES. We all got separated into 4 groups, there was a high rope, an escape activity, a balance trail and a tent building.







We had a great time


By Millie and Esmeralda