We got hot chocolate and the boys slept upstairs in single beds instead of sleeping in bunk beds like everybody else. The first night we didn’t sleep that well because we were messing around and getting used to our beds. We were jumping on our beds and Jacob broke Thomas’s bed by one of the wooden slabs coming out of place when we were all jumping around the room on the beds.


We got up early to have breakfast then we got on the coach to go to see the seals and to do our 5 mile walk. When we got to the other side of West Runton we walked through the marshes and Callum slipped over on his bottom in the mud. We walked through the marshes in bare feet then walked back to the bus and went to the lodge for dinner.


Thursday night was disco night. The disco was good. John, Bodie and I fell asleep on the table. The disco was the best night.


By Lewis