Aylmerton 2016

Pirate day

On the Wednesday of Aylmerton (3 days in).

We went to the APTC, which stands for Aylmerrton Pirate Training Centre. As you can guess, it is where pirates train.We did four activities such as boat to boat, the high ropes, island hopping and climbing wall; as our group was very efficient and did it quickly, we got to do the assault course a few times. In our group there were me (James) and me (Jamie), Ben, Luke, Finn, Hawkeye A.K.A Evie A.K.A the one armed bandit (all Elf’s, the instructor’s, names), Isla, Pippa and Mia. Jamie’s favourite activity was the high ropes and mine was the climbing wall. When we were doing these activities, we found it great fun and we all enjoyed ourselves.Then we had to piece together an act to impress Black Beard. Eventually all 3 groups did and we got keys to a chest and everyone got a Twix (including the instructors).

James and Jamie