Aylmerton: Day 4

Today was all about our visit to Blakeney to look at the wildlife and the surrounding habitat, including the sand dunes.

All together we completed nearly 5 miles of walking. This included taking off our shoes and socks and rolling up our trousers above our knees so that we could wade through the river and through the mud before reaching the beach and then the dunes.

Despite the wonderful weather, the water was freezing!

We also took time to soak up the surroundings by laying on our backs listening to the sounds of nature (the nearest road was over 2 miles away).

All of our walking was worth it though, as we then reached the old lifeboat station where we caught the ferry to visit some of the common and grey seal population. Some of us got a little bit wet as the boat made it’s way through the water!

Tonight was rounded off by a disco which was enjoyed by all the children.