Aylmerton: Day 5

Today was the last day of our residential. We began the day by packing our cases and tidying our rooms. The children’s skills of folding sheets and neatly packing their clothes were put to the test – not all of them passed with flying colours! We hope you found everything you were expecting to see in their case! (If you find any belongings of another child please return them to school next week and Mrs Lunn will make sure they find their rightful owner)

We were then visited by an animal rescue centre who brought along a variety of the animals that they are currently looking after. These included a raven, an owl, a giant tortoise, a gull and a variety of snakes, including a large Burmese python. All of the children wanted to hold / stroke the animals (the raven and the gull were not allowed to be touched). Below are some of the photos of the children handling the snakes and meeting the other animals.

Once we had finished lunch, the children boarded the coach to get back to Ashdon.