Aylmerton pirate day draft


On Wednesday 25th May we went to Pirate day. We were learning how to be proper pirates; first we were split into 3 groups and our group was number 3 we had Joe, Zoe, Rubi, Harry {Miley}, Lewis M, Lewis P, Chloe and Jessica in our group.

The first activity was we had to swing on a rope onto an island and all of our group got to the smallest island. Next we had to climb a rock wall and Joe got round so many times.

Another activity in the day was climbing outside: that was where Harry and Joe

were calling each other old maggot.


The highlight of the day was Harry Little’s Miley Cyrus moment on the swing ropes. Our aim was to swing on a rope and get onto an island that started big and then if we all got on it safely , then  they got smaller. Harry being him, swung on it onto the mat and knocked Rubi, Chloe and Jessica over.


Rubi Cox & Zoe Dale-Webb