Aylmerton Trip

Wednesday—Blakeney, the big walk:

In the morning we got dressed, had breakfast and got on the coach to Blakeney. When we got to Blakeney Elf (our supervisor) told us about the area. Then we sat on the boat and drove off to see the seals; we all got soaked. After the boat ride we got off at a peninsula with dunes and walked along for about a mile. Half way we stopped for lunch in the dunes. We carried on walking until we got to the mud flats and took our shoes and socks off but the tide was still in so we went through water. IT WAS SO COLD!  We dried our feet with our spare socks, but we had to wait till the coach arrived. When we got back to Patterson Lodge, where we stayed, we had to change our shoes and had to have a shower. For dinner we had soup as always, for starters, and for the main we had fish and chips. After we had finished, we went to get ready for bed and had hot chocolate. Once we had settled down we fell asleep. We all enjoyed Aylmerton and it was a fantastic experience.


By Sunny, Emily and Ella