Blakeney point

On Thursday 26th May we travelled by ferry to Blakeney Point. We went round the headland and saw grey seals and also rare birds. We walked for about 4 miles on the beach and then we went off the beach for a 3 mile walk in the dunes. About halfway across the dunes we had a 5 minute rest then we walked about a mile and a half more. We came across some very rare birds eggs. We gathered around them then we saw the mother of the eggs circling above us and surprisingly the eggs looked like stones so predators would think that they were stones so they wouldn’t want to eat them.

We walked away from the eggs and took our shoes off and rolled up our trousers and started to walk down to the marshland. At the start of our mud walk the mud was thick and slippery; a few people slipped over. It was a very slippery walk and halfway across we stopped and went hunting for cockles and then walked back to the end of the marshland. The instructor told us about the boats and that during high tide they were floating and at low tide the boats had sunk to the bottom of the marshland. We had to put our shoes and socks on straight away; however our feet were very muddy which gave some of us sores on our feet.

Written by Pippa Curtis and Mia Hickey