Class 4’s Alymerton Trip May 2016



We are excited about our Aylmerton trip from the 23rd May to the 27th May. There will be lots of activities for our class to take part in, such as seeing the seals at Blakeney Point, piracy skills and climbing the Church tower at Cromer.

We have now come back from our Alymerton trip and we are here to tell you about it.


The day we’re talking about is piracy skills, which was on Wednesday. We travelled to AFSC (Aylmerton Field Study Centre) and we were met by the instructors, Bo Peep, Elf and Sonic. We were split into three groups and our group did the high wire first. After that, we came into the main hall to discover that Harry L had earned a new nickname ‘Miley Cyrus’ for singing ‘wrecking ball’ while swinging on a rope, knocking everyone off a carpet which was meant to represent an island.

We had lunch and did island jumping and swinging over a pool of water.

After we swung over water we had to meet Captain Black Head. It was announced that Miley had a new upgrade to ‘General Miley’ and a Mr and Mrs Mcoliner (two surnames of two people in our class that argued like they were Mr and Mrs) was formed because of their arguing. In the evening we had fish and chips on the beach and went swimming at the Splash, a leisure centre in Sheringham. We travelled back to Patterson Lodge and got changed into our pyjamas and at 9 o’clock at night we had our evening drink with a biscuit, then went to bed. After all, we needed our rest for seeing the seals and walking across the mud flats at Blakeney Point the next day.





Lucy and Elizabeth