LVC / OGDEN TRUST Science Evening

Thanks to all the parents and children who took the opportunity to visit LVC last week for the Science Fair. Miss Ogden sent us the report below

The science department have recently formed a partnership with Ashdon, Great Abington, Castle Camps, The Granta, Burrough Green, The Meadow and Linton Heights Primary Schools. This partnership is supported by the Ogden Trust and is a fantastic opportunity to strengthen the link in science between primary and secondary schools and improve the science learning experience for children in primary schools.

To celebrate the formation of the partnership LVC science department invited children of all ages from the partnership schools to come along to a science evening on Tuesday 14th November. We had 18 experiments set up to demonstrate, or for children to take part in.

Our visitors were engaged with dry ice demonstrations, playing with non-Newtonian fluids, looking at the science behind crash helmets (and trying to make their own to protect a falling egg) and making straw trumpets. We had flying cake cases, bin liners and tea bags; flames of different colours and a competition on aircraft design. Children tested out their scientific skills (and competitive tactics) to see how many drops of water could fit onto a 1p (the record was over 100!). We looked at the seasonal change in trees and the colours hidden in leaves with some chromatography and tested everyday substances to see if they were acid or alkali. We were delighted to have over 130 families visit us on the evening and who left us with overwhelmingly positive feedback. As always the success should be credited to our fantastic volunteer student helpers who made it all run so smoothly. One comment left of feedback read:

“The LVC students are a real credit to the school – confident, really knowledgeable and engaged with the younger children really well.”

There was a fantastic buzz throughout the event and a wonderful launch to our Primary Science Partnership.