Our Aylmerton Trip

On our trip to Aylmerton next week, we will be doing some team building exercises. We will also be doing a few other activities, such as swimming, climbing and our favourite EATING FISH AND CHIPS!

We shall be leaving on Monday 23rd May, and we are going to go and get away from school to relax after a long boring week of SATS. This is a residential trip. We have been asked to bring a variety of clothing, as at the end of the week we shall be having a disco: YYYYAAAYYYYYY! From the previous Year 6s, its sounds AMAZING! And just what we need when we work very hard at school.




During our trip on Aylmerton, we went to a pirate training day and learnt skills that pirates develop. As we were pirates we, of course, had to dress like them, therefore we had face paint and a bandanna.We had to look after our bandanna to gain points for our team; however, if you lost your bandanna you would lose points for your team.There were various activities including high ropes, rock climbing/wall climbing, climb the rigging and swinDSCF1637ging  on a rope to an island that got smaller as we completed each level.


This was Year 6 all dressed up like some kind of pirate or a pirate pet. Unfortunately, it was raining that day, so we had to be very careful and safe but it was a really good day and we all had a lot of fun. At the very start we were put into groups; from there we went round to the activities in those groups all day. Fortunately, it stopped raining and we got to play on the equipment at the very end.

I’m sure that no-one would forget our time at Aylmerton: we will all remember it there with each other and hope to never forget it .Sadly, most of us will be going to different schools, but when we went to Aylmerton it brought us all together and that is what made it so special. We made it the best residential trip ever and wish that it could have gone on for longer .It was nice to spend time when there were no arguments!

Akari + Susanna