Pirate Day

On Wednesday we went to the pirate training academy.

It turned out to be an excellent day for most of the cadets.

The highlight of the day had to be Harry Little (me): I decided it would be funny to swing on a rope and sing “I CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BALL” by Miley Cyrus, hence the nickname Miley. Later on in the day, there was an activity on high ropes where you had a partner and you had to guide them through the high ropes; my partner was Joe. I thought it would be funny to say to Joe, “GET A MOVE ON MAGGOT,” like a military general, hence the nickname General Miley or Major Miley.

During the following activity, another cadet (James) and I had a mishap on the high ropes; James was on the ropes and I was on the ground, telling him what to do. The outcome was that I was telling James what to do; however, he was saying, “Stop telling me what to do!” like a married couple – hence the nickname MacOliver.

Harry Little and Ben MacDermott

DSCF1661 (2)