pirate day

Pirate day!    Two weeks ago class 4 went on a trip to Aylmerton Patterson’s  Lodge, in Norfolk. On Wednesday, we ventured out to have a Pirate Day! We were split into three groups. My group was Harry .L   , Zoe. Dale- Webb, Lewis .M and P, Jessica .D, Chloe .C; as our first task, we had to swing from a rope to get on a small island -A rug- ; however the twist was all of us had to get on one at a time and no one could fall off, also the islands (rugs) got smaller each time we completed one. Lewis miles had one arm free: so he was stranded on the island and we had to save him.

Annoyingly, Zoe and Harry and I all have large feet so we took up much of the island . On the third island harry decided to sing part of wrecking ball by Miley Cyrus and as he DSCF1637did so he knocked over half the people, thus giving him the name of Miley. The next thing we did was bouldering, it was a long vertical cliff type thing with foot and hand holsters. There were four coloured  hand and foot gripes yellow ,grey, blue and black yellow being the biggest and black being the smallest. I did it with all colours, no yellow, only black grey and blue and with only black.

Joseph Fordham