School Timetable

School Timetable

9:00 am – School gates open, members of teaching staff available on playground.

9:10 am – Whistle blown, pupils line up and are taken into the school and school day begins.

10:30 am – Break time for all pupils.

10:45 am – End of break / beginning of 2nd morning session.

12:15 pm – Early Years and Key Stage 1 lunch begins.

12:30 pm – Key Stage 2 lunch begins.

1:25 pm – End of lunch for all pupils. Afternoon session begins.

3:30 pm – End of the school day.

A daily assembly takes place for approximately 15 minutes (timing varies depending on day of the week) and we hold a weekly sharing assembly, which is open to parents and grandparents to attend, on most Fridays between 9:20 am and 9:45 am.