Seal Day

Seal day
On the second to last day of our trip to Aylmerton we got on to the bus and travelled to a harbour and got on a boat. A miniature ferry. The boat took us to see the seals (Bailey’s favourite part). At one point a seal popped his head out of the water (Lewis’s favourite part) then the seal went back into the water and swam around before popping its head out of the Blakeney water again.
After seeing the seal we got taken to Blakeney Point. Elf talked about how the sand dunes are created and why the birds’ eggs look camouflaged. We also got told a story about a dog that ate load of birds eggs The owners laughed and were banned from Blakeney Point, he started singing “I’m alive I’m alive I’m maron grass.’’
After walking down the beach and past Blakeney Point we went to the mud flats, The water was freezing but when you stepped out of the water on to mud it become hot. At the end when we got onto the bus, we were exhausted. When we got back we got changed for the disco. James and Joe became miserable during the disco and sat in the corner for the whole thing
On the last day we saw animals. We saw an owl, a snake, a crow and a tortoise.

We got to hold the snake in groups of four.DSCF1771
We had a great time at Aylmerton on Seal Day!
By Lewis Miles & Bailey Bow