The Blakeney Day


The week before the Autumn half term Class 4 went to Aylmerton Field Study Centre on our residential. This is our favourite day – Wednesday.

On the third day of Aylmerton, Class 4 went to Blakeney. We arrived by coach, then went by ferry to the peninsular. On the ferry we saw grey seals and common seals; we also got extremely wet as the waves were enormous! We walked down

the beach until we got to Blakeney point; where we sat in the sand dunes and ate our packed lunches. After that we spent a few minutes being mindful and listening to the sea. Then we walked another half a mile then stopped at a view, where we had our photo taken.  We walked another three miles along the beach doing lots of fossil finding and beach combing. Finally the moment we had all been waiting for… the mud walk. We had to roll our trousers up and take our shoes and socks off so they didn’t get muddy. We were told a certain way to walk on the mud- heel first and grip with your toes. We walked on the mud for

about half and hour: a few people got very muddy bottoms!!!

At the end of the walk we sat down on a grass verge and wiped our feet with our old socks and put on our new socks. Then we went back to Patterson Lodge after a highly enjoyable day at the beach.