The Empty Chair – Review

Class 3 visited Saffron Hall last week to watch the play, “The Empty Chair.” Here is Willow’s review.

The Empty Chair

A Review by Willow Brooks

When we got to the hall we sat down and a lady spoke to us and did some actions.  It was lots of fun. After that the play started. Someone in a red tu-tu carried a chair into the hall and put it down in the middle of the hall.  I felt a bit discombobulated because it was weird and creepy.  Then two people dressed like clowns spoke to us.  There was lots of music in the play and I really enjoyed it.

By half way through I began to understand what the story was about.  I thought that the story was about two people trying to get rid of an empty chair that they were afraid of.  When the two people tried to get rid of the chair, red lights started to flash on the chair and someone in the background laughed.

My favourite part was when the person in a red tu-tu came and put the chair down in the hall and there were not any parts that I did not enjoy.  I would recommend this for children aged eight and over.