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Pirate Day

On Wednesday we went to the pirate training academy. It turned out to be an excellent day for most of the cadets. The highlight of the day had to be Harry Little (me): I decided it would be funny to swing on a rope and sing “I CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BALL” by Miley …

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Seal Day

Seal day On the second to last day of our trip to Aylmerton we got on to the bus and travelled to a harbour and got on a boat. A miniature ferry. The boat took us to see the seals (Bailey’s favourite part). At one point a seal popped his head out of the water …

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Aylmerton 2016

Pirate day On the Wednesday of Aylmerton (3 days in). We went to the APTC, which stands for Aylmerrton Pirate Training Centre. As you can guess, it is where pirates train.We did four activities such as boat to boat, the high ropes, island hopping and climbing wall; as our group was very efficient and did it …

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