Recent Letters

Most letters are not placed on our website, so parents should request another email or a hard copy if they deleted/misplaced any letters that have been sent to them. It is vital that parents insure that the school has a working/monitored email address in order to receive communications from the school. 

Children in Need Biscuit Project (Class 3)

Rugby and Basketball Tournament (Class 3)

Choir Performances 

Residential (Class 3)

New EYFS parents Key Information 2023

Mathletics guide for parents

Workshop Information

Some of our parents and carers are not always able to attend our workshops due to other comitments. We do not want them to miss out on information, so thought it best to not just email these Power Point Presentations to parents and carers, but to also publish it online. 

KS2 SATs Parent Workshop

Phonics Parent Workshop

Multiplication Tables Check Parent Workshop

Residential Parent Workshop