Cooked meals from our kitchen

Spring 2024 Menu

We have our school meals freshly prepared and cooked in the school kitchen each day. The menu has been devised by Essex School Meals Service to give a nutritionally balanced diet over the whole week and meets current Government requirements. At the time of printing a school meal is £2.80 per day.  Our current menu can be viewed by clicking on the image on this page. 

It is Government policy that every child is entitled to a free cooked meal until they finish Year 2. This is known as Universal Infant Free School Meals. Once your child is in Year 3 or above they have to pay for a cooked meal. Of course you can provide your child/children with a packed lunch and drink as an alternative. We would ask parents to consider the contents of any packed lunch carefully, so that their children receive a nutritionally balanced diet.

Depending on your family income your child/children may be entitled to Free School Meals throughout school. If you successfully apply for this, then your child will bring in additional funding to the school which can be spent on initiatives to raise their attainment. Parents sometimes worry that the children might be identified as different from the others if applying for Free School Meals. When taking the dinner register, a member of staff only asks if a child is having a school dinner or a packed lunch, so they don’t identify which ones are having free school meals to the other paying children. Please speak to the our school office for further details on how to apply.