Results & Performance

Every mainstream public school in England participates in National Standards Assessments, such as the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check; Year 2 SATs; Multiplication Tabless Check and Year 6 SATs tests. Note: From September 2023, schools do not have to partake in the KS1 National Standards Assessments. 

In addition to these National Standard Assessments, we assess our pupils’ attainment and progress in all year groups. We follow the Monster Phonics Programme and assess our pupils throughpout the year using the Monster Phonics assessment tests. We also started to use the Pira, Puma and Gaps assessment tests in Summer 2023 along with the National Standards Assessments/Checks. 

Click on the image on this page to download a summary of the latest published data.  

Click here to see a full breakdown of our school performance from the Department of Education website.