Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND)

When a teacher plans their lessons they will take into account the different abilities of the children in the class and where appropriate adjust the task to meet the different needs of the children.  However, some pupils will need more support than the normal class teaching will provide. These needs might be addressed by small group ‘catch-up’ programmes or through working closely with the parents to develop strategies to meet the child’s specific needs, which may require additional support from one of our teaching assistants and/or an outside specialist.

Parents who have concerns over their child’s progress should initially speak to the class teacher. Where appropriate, any child who needs to be considered for Special Needs will be referred to the Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO). Currently, Mrs Jarmain is the SENCO for Ashdon Primary School.

The SENCO will then liaise with the parents, class teacher and the child to devise strategies to assist the child’s learning. Regular meetings throughout the year are then put in place to review the progress of these strategies.

More details about our school SEND ‘Local Offer’ can be found by clicking on the image next to this text.

Essex County Council also detail their Local Offer at 

Click this link to download a copy of our SEND policy.