School Closure

Bad weather

In the event of bad weather and a potential school closure, parents should check the school website and listen to BBC Radio Essex for updated information.

Staff will always attempt to open the school but parents should be aware that some members of our staff live a significant distance away from the village, so the weather conditions for their commute may prevent them reaching the school.

Mr Rance will attempt to ensure parents are informed as soon as possible regarding a closure, although this can take time if he is trying to get to school and is delayed by conditions. We would aim to circulate information by 8:00 am and will also use relevant social media outlets where possible.

Other reasons for closure

It is very unusual for schools to close unexpectedly, but it can happen. For example, if the school’s water supply was to be cut off, so toilets and sinks we unusable, then the school would have to close. Or if the school boiler was to cease working during colder months, then the temperature may drop below the legal minimum. Internal flooding, i.e. not caused by bad weather, can also lead to partial or full school closure.

If for any reason the school has to close, then it will contact parents to explain the situation and the arrangements put in place until the children can return normally.