Latest Ofsted Report - December 2022

Approximately every 4 years, an Ofsted inspection team will visit each school. Our most recent visit was in December 2022. 

We were really pleased that the inspectors recognised that we continue to be a ‘good’ school.

Within the report, the inspectors highlighted that “Ashdon Primary School is a place with a distinct family feel. It is a warm and welcoming place for pupils to learn and make friends.”

The inspectors went on to praise “a curriculum that is interesting, inspiring, broad and ambitious”, that “Leaders and teachers have high expectations of pupils’ behaviour. As a result, pupils are eager to learn and the atmosphere around the school is pleasant and orderly.”

To find out more reasons why, read the full report by clicking on the image on this page.

As part of the inspection process, Ofsted seek the opinions of parents about the education and support their child receives at school. Parents can complete a short survey which can be found at: